Health Benefits of (Humulus Lupulus)
Essential Oils & Acids

Scientifically proven relief for:
*Insomnia and Respiratory Issues
*Pain and Inflammation
*Reduces risk of Heart Disease
*Mentstrual Symptoms
*Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis
*Hair Loss and Damage

The Magical HEALING of OIls and Acids

Image of a chart that shows the relationship between oils like humulone, co-humulone, adhumulone, etc. and the alpha and beta acids. The chart details the flavonols , as well as the oxybenated, suphur, and hydrocarbons in the hops cone.. The inrweactions of the acids and how they react in different temperatures for boiling or dry-hopping affects the flavour.

The lupulin glands contain
all of the hop oils,
resins, and some polyphenols.

The various compounds found in the oils and acids from the Lupulin gland are
the source of the health benefits from hops (Humulus Lupulus).
Image of a chart showing the active health benefits from the oils, acids, and polyphenols in a hops cone. The polyphenols are anitfungal, anticancer, antiviral. OIls are anticancer, antiinflammatory, analgesics. and sedatives. Acids are particularly effective for stoping and reducing cancerous tumors.

Dry Hop Cone Content

Essential Oils 0.5-3%
Resins 10 – 30%
Polyphenols 3 – 6%

*Hops impact numerous areas for human health, which makes them ideal for those who live a holistic lifestyle. In many cases, it is known that specific compounds from Humulus Lupulus are remedies or can be used as natural treatments (as a nutraceutical) for specific ailments, such as  cancer or inflammation. In a few cases, specific dosages have been established for ailments such as weight loss, pain relief, and insomnia or anxiety.

Scientifically Proven Health Benefits
for Hops oils and Acids

*Including the specific active compound(s) from Hops (Humulus Lupulus)
*Obesity data from CDC.

Established Dosage: 35 mg MHE/48 mg MHBA

Health Benefits - Remedy for Obesity


Active Compounds:
Mature Hops Extract

Ingesting 48 mg. of Isohumulones were found to be effective for weight reduction for a prediabetic group in Japan. However, the bitter acids are not anyone’s favorite flavour. The same group performed an additional study using the  ingestion of 35 mg of Mature Hops Extract (MHE)  reduced the body fat in people instead. Subjects who had a BMI of 25 – 30 kg/m2 lost significant weight without changing their lifestyle in any way. A Pyrazole derivative from Xanthothumol has also shown promising results for weight loss.

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Image of a chart showing cause of death. Heart and cardiovascular (stroke) are the leading cause of death in the world with cancer a close second. Hope acids and oils have been clinically proven to prevent and reduce cancer. Aanthothumol is a powerful compound in hops cones that kills cancer cells add prevents their growth.

Recommended Dosage:

Health Benefits - Remedy for Cancer


Active Compounds:
8 PN-prenylflavonoids

Studies have proven effective results from hops derivatives against numerous cancers. Xanthohumol is a prenylated flavonoid of Hops with known anticarcinogenic properties. 8 PN-prenylflavonoids and 6-prenylnaringenin are effective for stopping tumor growth. The ability of the beta acid β-caryophyllene and β‐caryophyllene oxide to induce apoptosis (kill cancer cells), suppress their growth and decrease the levels of tumor angiogenesis (blood vessel formulation) and metastasis markers (breast cancer) is discussed here.

SALES of Pain Relief brands (U.S.) in 2019
(in million U.S. dollars)

Image of a chart displaying sales of pain relievers in the US. Xanthothumol is a powerful analgesic that can be isolatedfrom hops.

Recommended Dosage: β-Myrcene (10 mg/kg; 73 μmol/kg)

Health Benefits - Remedy for Pain


Active Compounds:
Hop Extract

In addition to their anticarcinogenic and antiangiogenic properties, hops are an effective natural analgesic for pain relief. Hop extract (which contains Xanthothumol), demonstrates antinociceptive properties in this study, which means that it inhibits the transfer of a painful stimulus by the sensory neurons. You don’t “feel” it. The effectiveness of Myrcene is shown here. The applications of the hops natural benefts are not regulated in the same way as pharmaceutical medicines yet, so hops applications are “Nutraceuticals”. 


Health Benefits - Remedy for Menstrual Symptoms

REDUCES Menstrual Symptoms

Active Compounds:

8-prenylnaringenin is a prenylflavonoid phytoestrogen (a plant-based compound that imitates estrogen in humans). It is the most potent phytoestrogen known to occur naturally. 8-prenylnaringenin has been found to be helpful in reducing symptoms caused by lowered estrogen levels in females. This offers a particular health benefit to pre- and post-menopausal women. The wide-ranging health applications ensure that hops are a favorite for those who advovate holistic medicine practices.

Established Dosage: 350 mg Xanthothumol

Health Benefits - Remedy for Heart Risks


Active Compounds:
Rutin and Astralgin

According to one study, the anti-diabetic and anti-hypertensive (high blood-pressure) properties of Humulus Lupulus can be narrowed down to the presence of rutin (also known as Vitamin P) and astragalin in the hops. Rutin is a pigment while astralgin is a flavonoid. Hops is also regarded as a superfood for its natural benefits.


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2 Established Dosages:

25.7 mg/kg of hops = 2 mg Hops Extract for person 50 kg (~110 lbs) OR 3 mg for 80 kg (~180 lbs.)

Humulone 20 mg/kg

Health Benefits - Remedy for Mild Insomnia and Anxiety

Insomnia, Anxiety

Active Compounds:
Dimethylvinyl carbinol (2-methyl-3-buten-2-ol) in Humulone, Linalool and Xanthothumol

Renedies derived from Humulus Lupulus have been sold over the counter for the relief of insomnia for over a decade. A dosage of 20 mg/kg to both induce and prolong sleep has been established for this nutraceutical from Humulone. The alpha acid 2-methyl-3-buten-2-ol in Humulone, which actually increases during storage, is the most active component in brew hops for its calming and sedative effects.  The same article is a study in which an equivalent dosage from hops extract has also been determined for mild sleeping and anxiety issues.

Health Benefits - Renedy for Inflammation


Active Compounds:
α-acid and iso-alpha acids

Humulone and derivatives from alpha acids from brew hops have proven effective for inflammation. The health benefits of Myrcene and their  β-acids as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic are discussed in this paper. Circulatory effects, digestion, pain, headaches, inflammation, anti-cancerous: hops are packed with healthy nutrients for human consumption.


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Health Benefits - Remedy for Hair Loss and Damage

Hair Loss and Damage

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Health Benefits - Remedy for Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis

Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis

Active Compounds:
Mature Hops Extract

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Health Benefits - Remedy for

Other Health Benefits from Hops

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