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How to make home brew help that aims to balance the ideal flavour and bitterness for your taste: the key is in the Hops. You can learn all about the science and background to brewing craft beer, as well as recipes and tips to try here. Bloomfield Hops FarmĀ  has six premium varieties of brewing hops for you to brew.

DIY Home Brew -Brew Hops - Receipes

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O, and don’t forget to pick up some hops for your next brew!

Image of a cask. Learning to make home brew can be very rewarding. There is much to learn about when to add the hops when brewing. The amount of hops that are added at the beginning or end of the boiling process significantly influences the aroma and the bitterness. More hops at the beginning contribute to more bitter flavours.

DIY Craft Home Brew

Learn all you need to know about using brew hops to craft wicked beer! There are four elements

required for making home brew: a grain, hops, yeast, and water. That's it! Well, you also need your fermenting bottle, spigot, and a few other supplies for each step in the process.

However, becoming a brewing wizard to mesmerize your friends is within the grasp of any brewing apprentice. You should not expect great results every time when you first begin but your results get better.

Each element plays a significant role in the final brew that you create. However, it is the hops that provide the most opportunity to manipulate the flavour and bitterness. See this page for information and instructions forcrafting homemade beer.
Image of tractor beside row of tall hops plants. Hops have dozens of varieties for aroma and flavour for making beer at home.. Bloomfield Hops Farm sells 6 diffferent varieties including cascade, chinook, and centenial hops. The amount of oils and alpha acids change in the varieties with each growing season. The hops need to be stored soo after harvesting in order to minimize them starting to spoil.. It takes 3 years from first planting brewing hops plant to be able to use the brew hops for brewing beeer.. Different Hops varieties have varying amounts of oils and alpha acids that affect the flavour and bitterness when brewing. The alpha acids may comprise up to 20% of a brew hop.

Hops Farming

Learn about hops farming and agriculture at Bloomfield Hops Farm. We now have

six varieties of brew hops for your brewing pleasures.

Hops (Humulus lupulus) grow in more temperate areas located in the northern hemisphere; so, North America, Europe and western Asia. The growing season is about 120 days and they can exceed 20 ft in height.

Hops are classified in three ways depending on the level of bitterness versus the amount of aroma or flavoring they provide. Thus, some are for more bitter beer, some are more aromatic, while others are dual purpose.

The seperate categories for hops are due to the amount of oils and alpha acids within the hops. The oils, which are essential to the flavouring, are around 0.5% of a cone while the alpha acids can range from 2-20%. it is the oils that are also isolated for medicinal uses. They have clinically proven results as a natural remedy and treatment for various diseases and problems. Scientists have determined specific dosages for losing weight, sleeping/anxiety issues, cancer treatments, and inflammation from osteoarthrits. as well as numerous other health benefits.
Image of a cauldron with fire below to brew. Brewing beer at home takes a lot of patience. You boil the wter over an hour in order to create the malt from the barley and the hops. The malt is a sweet dense liquid that eventually is fermebted with yeast in order to produce the alcohol by converting the sugars.

Brew Recipes & Tips

See our page for recipes and tips to experiment with different types of flavours. The amount of

brew hops added and timing at the beginning and end of the boiling period can change the flavour significanty. Dry-hopping is another technique that brewers use as well.

Bloomfield Hops now has six varieties to mix together for your brewing pleasure. See the recipes and tips for brewing tfor great ideas for your beer brewing!

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